Structure Assessments and Design

Organizational Assessments that Create Lasting Change

You’ve probably realized that sometimes people don’t love change. Likely, the people, roles, attitudes and practices that once made your organization successful, don’t work now in today’s dynamic and technological environment. Especially now, post-Covid, everything is shifting fast.

Organizations today are complex, ever-changing, growing and sometimes fragile. Corporations, nonprofits and higher education organizations are being required to meet customer needs and demands faster – or they will fail with losing clients, profits, and effectiveness to live out the vision. All of these challenges are people challenges. How do we get people and teams to work together, accept change, and surpass goals? Our Organizational Development process is to Assess, Organize, Build Leadership, and Sustain Change. This is a long-term process, and includes a hands-on, courageous and consistent application of good business practices by the leadership.

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Would you like to create better team dynamics and smoothly integrate new team members?
  • Are there personality clashes on the team?
  • Does your team capitalize on each person’s strengths, talents and diverse thinking?
  • Do you need 360 assessments for your leadership team development?

Types of Assessments We Offer

Conflict Dynamics Profile

The CDP profile can be done for individuals or as part of a group assessment. It assesses a person’s conflict behaviors, and then offers strategies to improve conflict management.

EQ 2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)

Emotional Intelligence is an assessment and training program that teaches users to recognize how emotion affects their actions and the actions of those around them. Training includes strategies to improve how you handle emotion as it relates to business, and improves interpersonal dynamics.

Entrepreneurial Mindset profile (EMP)

Designed to identify key traits and behaviors that drive individual and team innovation, for business teams or the individual entrepreneur/business owner.

Surveys, Questionnaires and Interviews

Custom survey process designed for the goals of the organization. This includes HR surveys, audits, engagement surveys.

Benefits of Organizational Assessments and Design

Improve Employer - Employee relations and communication

Eliminate work that has no value (increase effectiveness)

Have the right people in the right jobs (reach full potential)

Manage the disruption of organizational change

A workplace that people want to come to everyday

Diverse teams with shared respect, high innovation and entrepreneurial spirit