What Our Clients Say

  • “Karen opened my eyes to a different approach.”
    At first I was hesitant to try coaching. Karen spent time getting to know me and what I did, and she did a few assessments. We identified an opportunity for me to improve my presentation skills, specifically my body language and inflection and being prepared to take and anticipate questions. In my company culture, people often try to prove how busy they are, and presentations had become an opportunity for one-upmanship. Karen opened my eyes to a different approach.

    She reminded me that when you feel passionate about a topic, speaking comes easily to you — and I’m passionate about my work. Now, when I speak to large groups, I share stories with them, instead of just a bunch of numbers and repeating the same things I just said a month ago. Karen makes you feel like nothing’s wrong with you, and coaching is only going to help you. If you get the opportunity to work with a coach, don’t hesitate. Take advantage of your company investing in you.

    Administrator at a National Healthcare Organization
  • “. . . working with Karen has given me the skills to take my career
    to the next level.”
    I met Karen while she worked with our department to help us improve our internal communications, processes and focus. I appreciated her ability to cut straight to the heart of issues. As a senior manager, I realized that I needed some help and mentoring with skills that seemed to come so easily to Karen. She was upbeat, accommodating to my schedule and understood my needs. Karen agreed to be my personal coach and I have benefitted from our work together immensely. At issue was my need to get more production from my team and to develop a clear path forward with my career. I also needed to improve my relationship with my supervisor as I was feeling under appreciated for my work.
    Karen and I developed a plan and I immersed myself in her program. I was challenged by the work and was quickly rewarded by immediate positive results from my staff. My newly developed skills permitted me to better connect with he team and to support them to improve their effectiveness and production. The enefit of my work with Karen was that it permitted a focus on my own needs and kills, in a private way, and allowed me to achieve a deeper insight into professional areas that would have otherwise remained unknown to me.

    Pilot, Global Fortune 500 Company
  • “I’m very confident when I speak to higher-level executives now.”
    I received a promotion in April, and as part of the promotion my boss negotiated some coaching hours with Karen. To be honest, I was hesitant. In my former employment, coaching was used when they were trying to walk you out the door. And I was a little confused: I just got a promotion, but now I need coaching? But when I first met Karen face to face, I grasped it.

    Manager at a National Health Insurance Company
  • The Great Workplaces associate coaching program helped us engage and retain our best people and is a great recruiting “tool”.

    Training Director