Problems We Solve

Org Development
  • Have you noticed the structures within your organization are not working together for a common purpose?
  • Does conflict keep disrupting your organization?
  • Do you need to develop policies and procedures for ongoing operations?
Leadership Development
  • Are you realizing the workplace is changing and it feels like chaos?
  • Do you need someone totally independent to bounce thoughts and ideas off of?
  • Do you need to get more productivity for your team? 
  • Do you know you need to diversify your team but you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you need to improve your relationships with your superiors?
HR Advisory
  • Are you finding it difficult to manage issues you don’t know exist?
  • Do you want to identify strategic HR challenges and opportunities?
  • Are you struggling to find the time to execute a strategic plan?

What Our Clients Say

I received a promotion in April, and as part of the promotion my boss negotiated some coaching hours with Karen. To be honest, I was hesitant. In my former employment, coaching was used when they were trying to walk you out the door. And I was a little confused: I just got a promotion, but now I need coaching? But when I first met Karen face to face, I grasped it. And then I embraced it. She asked me, “What do you want to see? What are your fears?” I came from a male-dominated, government workplace, and I wanted to learn how to be heard, and how to be a leader in this new environment. Karen and I called it “understanding how to be a corporate lady.” For instance, I had an upcoming meeting with my boss’s boss, and Karen helped me prepare and gave me feedback when I practiced the presentation. Afterward, we talked about ways to improve. Even though I only worked with Karen for three months, I continue to work on the development plan we created. My boss said I’m very confident when I speak to higher-level executives now. I’m getting a lot more kudos because of that.

Coached by Karen Gulliford
Manager at a national health insurance company

Our Approach


We will work collaboratively to come up with a plan of action.


We will never give up on you.


We will always be honest and tell you what we think.


Our approach will focus on what’s wanted, the present and the future, growing self-awareness and personal responsibility.

Lasting Change

Our work will be meaningful and make a difference in your workplace three years from now.

Who We Help