Looking for a team retreat presentation or presentation for your group or continuing education conference?

Presentations are highly interactive education sessions that let your participants take home tools to immediately improve their day-to-day work or home life. Whether you need a one hour session to inspire a team, or a multi-day retreat to rebuild a vision for an organization, we can put together a unique learning experience that fits you needs.

Here are some recent presentations we’ve given.

Why is work so stressful? Making Work “Work”

If you want maximum productivity in your office, your team needs to feel supported and challenged, not overwhelmed. This presentation focuses on proven methods to make your workplace a site for collaboration and accomplishment rather than confrontation and feeling constantly behind.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Leadership Training Program

Leadership training is worthless if you sit through the program and leave with no new tools or insights. In this presentation, you learn how to structure a program that works with how people learn, retain, and implement productive and proactive leadership strategies.

It’s 2018: Time to Upgrade Performance Management Process

The days of managing with yearly reviews and little else are gone. Performance is now an ongoing process. Collaboration rather than top-down management is the norm. We talk about trends in performance management, and how you can structure your process to maximize your employee retention rates and increase productivity.

Be a Strategic Business Partner: Don’t Apply Band-Aids to your Client’s Problems (Charlottesville SHRM Annual Conference and Richmond ATD, 2019)

Managing your Emotional Wake: First Step to Executive Presence (Grace E. Harris Leadership Institute, 2017)

How to Get the Most Out of Your Leadership Training Program (Richmond ATD, 2016)

Can Team Conflict Produce Better Team Results? (RXPartnership Annual Roundtable 2019)

Let’s Talk About Coaching: Finding Balance (Virginia State University/Virginia Tech Cooperative Extention Annual Training, 2019)

Getting and Keeping the Best Hires (RECA Leadership Conference, 2016)