HR Strategy and Consulting

Human resources has long been evolving beyond its traditional—and outdated—role as a mere processor of administrative transactions. Today, HR must be viewed as a strategic partner to your business. The intensity of competition and the pace of change demand that the HR function fulfill this mandate. HR leaders need a clear view of their current capabilities, a set of clear priorities linked to the business strategy, and a targeted approach to improve the most urgent problem areas.

To achieve these objectives, company leaders need to take a strategic view of HR and its underlying activities. The HR function can be broken down into multiple areas, ranging from leadership and talent management to strategic workforce planning, employer branding, social media, and diversity management. In each area, it is critical not only to realistically assess your company’s current capabilities—but also to understand the degree to which that activity will become important in the future. Using this insight, companies can specifically invest to improve the areas that matter most.

Why is Strategic HR Important?

HR is the heartbeat of every organization. This is where talent begins, develops, and eventually ends. HR leads culture and productivity. HR is very strategic! HR should:

  • Ensure the goals of a human resource department reflect and support the goals of the rest of the organization. 
  • Utilize the talent and opportunity within the HR department to make other departments stronger and more effective.

Discovering issues you don’t know exist to become more effective at managing them

Identifying strategic HR challenges and opportunities

Finding the time to execute on a strategic plan


Deep Assessment

How does HR work now?  What is HR’s Capacity? Do HR members have the skills and support to meet the needs? What does the customer (end user) say?


HR Processes

How do things get done?  What systems are in place to create ease for the customer to access HR Services?


Outline a Path

We’ll make recommendations and outline ideas and projects to make changes.  What would change look like? How would changes align with the organizational strategic goals?



As changes are implemented, how will HR members change? How will the customer adjust, and ensure changes stick?

If your executive team wants you to “be more strategic”, let us coach you to:

  • Spend more time on strategy than being pulled into HR operations and transactional work
  • Design and align a common-sense HR strategic plan and budget
  • Create more depth and capacity in your HR staff