Workplace mediation

Workplace Mediation that Provides a Way Forward

At Great Workplaces HR Consulting practice our HR focused organizational development services understand that business problems are people problems. Solving people problems requires change at the individual level as well as in the overall approach an organization takes in how it runs. Over the years we have developed a system to facilitate organizational transformation. We work with you to find the strengths and weaknesses in your existing organizational dynamic. We then develop a plan to help the members of your team, division, and company work to maximize their individual and collective strengths while growing past the weak points.

When do You Need Workplace Meditation?

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you ever feel like the office is just one stolen lunch away from a full-blown war?
  • Are workers volleying passive aggressive emails at an alarming rate?
  • Is the proverbial unstoppable force meeting its unmovable equivalent?

If you want your organization achieve its most productive level, it must be healthy. You need an energetic environment that has a minimum of chaos, conflict, and confusion. Whether you run a for-profit business or a nonprofit organization, your organization must be able to grow and adapt to changing conditions with improved performance if it is going to thrive.

What is Great Workplaces Workplace Mediation Process?

If you feel there is a workplace-related conflict that you would like to discuss with a co-worker or supervisor, you may request mediation by contacting Karen at (804) 239-8804 who acts confidentially in this role. She will discuss your issues with you and decide whether your case might be appropriate for mediation. If so, she will contact the other party to discuss mediation as an option for resolving the problem.

If the case is appropriate for mediation and both parties agree to mediate, a mutually convenient time and location is chosen.

During the mediation, parties are each given an uninterrupted opportunity to discuss their issues. With guidance from mediators, the parties eventually communicate directly with each other and begin to develop options for resolution.

What are the benefits of workplace mediation from Great Workplaces?

  • Mediation can improve workplace relationships and lower stress in the workplace.
  • It allows the participants to maintain control over the outcome.
  • You have nothing to lose. Everything said during the mediation remains confidential. Your rights to further action are preserved.
  • It works! Over 80% of the cases mediated by The Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center have resulted in written agreements. 90% of agreements are upheld.