Nobody wants to hear about being slow these days. Everything and everybody are going fast,
fast, fast. Deadlines, deliverables, agility, and efficiency are common vernacular in business
places today. And I get it, it pays to make things happen.

The time that we are in (the VUCA world) requires something from leaders that may not be so
fast – adaptive, strategic, and reflective leadership.

We are trained and often rewarded for knocking it out. Today, our project lists are getting very
full, especially in the areas of culture and engagement (i.e., back to workspaces/or not/what is
hybrid…, increasing inclusivity in teams and equity, reorganizations, and probably an
arrangement of tech projects). Did I hit a nerve?

With all of this going on, your approach will need to be strategic, because everything can’t be
done at once, everyone is not happy and engaged, and you have pressure to achieve big goals.
That is why you’ll need to be thoughtful, careful, and reflective as a leader. You will need to
plan, and communicate, give the why – listen, listen, listen. This includes listening to yourself –
what are these thoughts, motivations and actions telling me about how I’m leading my
organization or team?

Strategic leadership is slow. You cannot crush your task list and call it strategic. If you haven’t
created a roadmap, and if you’re simply completing the work in front of you, and not thinking
about and planning for what’s next, you are NOT acting strategically! Stop and reflect:

If you’re a leader and want to be more strategic, take the slow path first and then you’ll go
faster to meet your goals.