woman thinking about a career strategy

In case no one’s noticed, we’re entering into a new era of the modern workplace. Teleworking has been around for decades primarily as a necessary tool, but now it’s common for many workers every day. It’s time to design the new way of work for your organization.

Can we ever go back to the traditional work environment, classroom leadership training programs, or client meetings in the boardroom?

That depends on what you design as a leadership team. Yes, your organization can design new workplaces, meet client’s needs while reinforcing and retaining your highest performers, but I would plan for it strategically now. No news is bad news, so prepare the news.

As the pandemic eases with the vaccines becoming more widespread, agencies around the world will seek the “new normal”. The old normal is already gone. It’s time to address the inevitable – and honestly ask of your leadership team:

  • What is the working culture we seek to become?
  • What is the benefit of our employees remaining in a work at home situation?
  • What is the benefit of employees working back in the office together?
  • What does ‘flexible work” arrangements mean now?
  • Who is eligible/able to work from home
  • Who needs to be in the office (essential function, customer demand, or other reason)?
  • What are the fears and employee questions we need to address?
  • What is the communication plan for being clear, transparent and honest about our plans?

Plan and design the future, rather than let it happen to you. Things probably won’t just fall into place. Without your communicated plan, employees will write the news for themselves.

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