Creating New Disciplines: Stay the Course This Year

We’ve made it to another year. Now we have to prepare for how we will navigate what is sure to be another year of change, uncertainty, but also hope, progress and prosperity. To get to this better place for our careers, businesses, and life in general, it will take some work.

As we’ve helped many individual professionals and leaders manage the ups and downs of 2020, here are a few things we have noted as positive actions that bring about the consistent discipline that has yielded more positive results for our clients. So, as our first giveaway this year, we are giving you our true keys to success:

1. Defy negativity.

  • Yes, allowing negative thoughts and words enter your mind, heart and actions creates…negative emotions, feelings, actions, and consequences. Bad thought=bad decisions. When you catch yourself thinking the worst outcome, you’re creating space for low expectations. Watch the stories that you tell yourself and the judgments you place on others. Instead focus on what is going right, what could work, and what you can do in that moment.

2. Take care of yourself.

  • If we have not learned anything while living through this pandemic, we know that health and well-being is critical. Unlike simply losing 10 pounds, we’re talking about the health of the whole mind, body, and spirit. It’s OK to take leave from work or a ‘day off’ (it’s not just for vacation, but for taking mental breaks too). How can you do all this important stuff if you’re sick? Back to point #1, tell yourself “I want to be healthy, and I will take small steps towards better health”.

3. Schedule each day.

  • Sounds simple, but we were surprised by how many clients did not have any process for scheduling (planning) time to balance the day’s demands. Quiet time for working on projects, coaching subordinates, organizing or cleaning the house, exercise, meditation/prayer, enjoying your children, cooking meals or job hunting are a few examples of things that take time, and are important. Plan for the things that are beyond Zoom meetings on your calendar (required things usually imposed by others). Schedule (allow dedicated time) to all the things that improve the whole person, and bring love, health and wellness to others.

4. Just say NO.

  • The balance to scheduling and planning is knowing when to eliminate some things from your calendar. Listen to your body. If your day is super packed on a consistent basis, you need to say NO more, delegate, and take a break. Let go of perfection syndrome and needing to prove you are valuable. You and your work are valuable, and to remain valuable, you’ll need to let go of time wasters, micro-managing, and attending unnecessary meetings and activities (that includes staying out of things that others can do without you – even if it’s not ‘perfectly’ how you do it!). Be flexible to remove things from the schedule, freely. Examine habits, like too much social media.

5. Reinforce support systems.

  • No matter what your current situation is – full time work, unemployed, going to school, business owner – you cannot be successful on your own. You want people around you who “get” what you are doing, and why you’re doing it. Everyone in your circle may not be cheering you on. Find your support tribe. These are the folks that know you, see your vision and know your goals, and can help, listen and support you, even when you have a setback.

These are some keys to how we see people winning at goals – sales people, moms and dads, business owners, students and leaders. Consistently and diligently making intentional changes in these areas create a balanced discipline to each day, leading to success.

What is your big goal this year? Which success keys above do you think will help you?